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With the aim of supporting and nurturing disadvantaged young people in Hong Kong, our founder Jo Soo-Tang drew on contacts in the hospitality industry for a series of fundraising initiatives. But rather than just donate, the r é n community is active.


Our advocates listen to our views and concerns, represent what we do, help us explore our options, connect us to relevant people and volunteer their time or services to our social enterprise. 

We have over ten advocates supporting us at the moment and we wish to grow this close knitted community so we can ultimately expand our programmes. 

If you are curious about how to become one of our advocates, please send through your contact details and a few sentences about yourself indicating ways in which you can support us:


  • Agnes Shea - Partnership Advocate

  • Charles Wong - Legal Advocate

  • Chris Antonelli - Finance Advocate

  • Chris Czerwinski - Chef Advocate

  • Delia Leung - Wellness Advocate

  • Jackson Lam - Design Advocate

  • Joanna Yuen - Chef Advocate

  • Karola Horvath Szovati - Community Advocate

  • J Kyle Ng - Strategic Development Advocate

  • Leontine Chuang - Partnership Advocate

  • Michael Smith - Chef Advocate

  • Nina Mckenzie - Brand Advocate

  • Olivier Elzer - Chef Advocate

  • Richard Ekkebus - Chef Advocate

  • Robin Zavou - Chef Advocate

  • Sheldon Fonseca - Chef Advocate

  • Uwe Opocensky - Chef Advocate

  • Wesley Ho - People Advocate

  • Wilson Leung - Chef Advocate


Organisations can join the thread in providing life-changing programmes and resources to underprivileged youths and individuals in need in Hong Kong.

At the r é n, our fundamental principles are at the heart of what we do, and we partner with organisations who are committed to supporting people most in need.

Stand with us:

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